Blue space exposure and physical exercise are some of the best things we can do to improve resilience, manage stress, and boost overall well-being. At Ellipticraft™ our signature product provides an immersive and empowering total health workout.

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Superior workout for body and mind

Blue space exposure and physical exercise are associated with improved mental health, physical well-being, disease mitigation and increased social connections.  When you’re on the Ellipticraft™ , you pedal against the resistance of the water. Pedal faster and you’ll push more water, requiring more strength and endurance. Take it easy and you’ll have a leisurely stride along the bay. The product works your core and engages stabilizing muscle as you stand up straight and balance on the water. And nothing beats the meditative and mental health benefits of being on the water. It’s a total workout for your mind and body.  

Elegant design

As life long boaters and water lovers, we understand the toll that water takes on a product. When it comes to a personal watercraft - low maintenance and simplicity is key.  That's why we leveraged industry leading paddle sport design principles to develop a patented and award winning design that makes the  Ellipticraft™ streamlined and user-friendly - no complicated gears, wires, or propellers to worry about and components that will hold up even in salt water.  A user can assemble or disassemble the product in minutes, and it all breaks down to fit in a mid-sized sedan. 

Innovative engineering

Ultra efficient patented propulsion system uses just two optimally sized and positioned oars that rotate asynchronously to generate serious thrust. You can steer and turn the craft by dropping a fin with your feet, just like dropping a paddle in the water to turn a kayak. The pontoons are hydrodynamically designed to maximize speed, track in the water, and provide a smooth ride with minimal bouncing.